Spoiler Alert #2 - Back to the Future (1985)

by Rhyme Time

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The second installment of Rhyme Time's "SPOILER ALERT" series. The best classic movies re-told as rap songs. Let us know what songs you'd like to see added to the series!


Just another regular morning in Hill Valley
It’s some regular city out in the middle of Cali
He’s a regular guy. His name is Marty McFly
And he’s shredding and skitching out to Hill Valley High
Or hanging out in town square
Out there, right where…lightning hit the clock tower in 1955
Let’s head into the house where the McFlys reside
But you may not like what you find inside
George is a geek who gets bullied by Biff
Who calls everybody “buttheads” Lorraine looks pissed
She might been a Betty but today she’s no knockout
It’s time to break out and go meet up with Doc Brown
Valed…ictorian, an amateur historian
Discovered time travel and bought a dope Delorian
Shot with a machine gun—he’s pissed off the Libyans
So Marty’s got to go back in time to help him live again

Travelled through time…but the trip took an instant
He’s still in Hill Valley but Hill Valley looks different
Crashed into the barn where the time machine careened
He was born in ’68—now he’s negative thirteen
George is a peeping tom, in a tree, creeping on Marty’s mom
But to be fair, in 1955, she had it going on
Grandpa hit the wrong guy but only left him stunned
History was changed…now Lorraine’s want to bang her son
They need plutonium, scratch that like chickenpox
Only a bolt of lightning’s got the necessary Gigawats
Tried to scare George into growing a pair
But when they went into the diner, younger Biff was there
So Marty snapped a scooter—took a little detour
He ran up through their car before they hit the manure
Lorraine’s thinking Calvin is the Man of the Year
So George, step it up before your kids disappear, woah

22 years before Skywalkers and Tie Fighters
All the kids loved Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
Marty has a plan to change where Lorraine stands
And it’s bout to go down at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance
Mom and Marty kiss and that’s when things start going South
Then Biff interrupts them—he grabs him and pulls him out
But George keeps pace and punches Biff in the face
He knocks Biff out cold—and now their future is safe
Marvin hurt his hand so Marty joined the band
He played Johnny B. Goode…but they thought that Jonnny be bad
Doc connects the power on top of the clock tower
And he sends Marty home at 88 miles an hour
Marty living is better now, family got that cheddar now
Biff got that Turtle Wax, living as their debtor now
Camping trip cancelled Doc says “We gotta go”
And where they’re going next…they don’t need no roads


released January 18, 2017
All lyrics written and vocal performed by Rhyme Time
Produced by Case Oh
Engineered and mixed by Chance Clift
Music video edited by Rhyme Time




Rhyme Time Salt Lake City, Utah

Since his last album, "Topanga," was released in 2013, a lot has changed for the Rhyme Time (including his name).

His group, House of Lewis, won City Weekly’s Best of Utah Music competition, performed at the state’s largest music festival–the Twilight Concert Series (with Flying Lotus and Run the Jewels), and competed on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent.

And now, "GNARLY" is here.
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